CNA, Single Dad, all around nice guy.
Sometimes I lose my shit:

I’m a Veteran, I suffer from PTSD and depression. I don’t sleep well, so 3rd shift works for me. Apparently, and there’s a few months that are a blur, I was so lost in my own little world that it took ECT to bring me back to reality. For the uninitiated, ECT is Electro-Convulsive Therapy…. or Shock Treatment as they called it back in the day. 2 months I spent in a “Acute Psychiatric Facility” run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. That means Lock Down, visitor hours, of which I had none. I honestly only recall the last few weeks I was there, and how much I wanted out, to where? I have no idea. I was homeless, jobless, in the process of a second Divorce…..

But now, here I am…. about 18 months later, I’m a CNA, I take care of others. I’m still technically homeless, but I can sleep in my car, I occasionally couch-surf. But how I got from there to hear is another story.


At DCā€™s request, I wrote the following treatment for a DMZ TV show (my second; they requested a film treatment from me in 2007). I had a few mandates, the first was to create a larger, younger-overall cast and introduce them at the start, and to create The Wire-like arcs that had a unifying…

Good Luck Brian! It was a pleasure meeting and having dinner with you a few years ago, I love your work, you are a true and compelling storyteller.